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5 Tips to Great Gifting

You need to buy a gift.

You want to show the person how much they mean to you and you don’t want to mess up by getting them something they won’t like. You overthink it, you run out of time, you buy the next thing you see because you can’t make a decision. You criticise yourself for not being more organised, give the gift anyway and you aren't happy about it.

You are out shopping the following week and you see the perfect gift. Of course.

Sound familiar?

So, what can you do about it? How can you become a great gift giver?

1. Plan.

Plan out your gifts for the year

Planning is always easier with a coffee or tea (or a glass of wine!)

Sit down and plan out who you would like to (and who you have to 😆) give gifts to during the year and when you need to have the gift by. You may not have a complete list, but this is a start which helps with budgeting and also takes some of the stress out of gifting. 

You can do your planning the old-fashioned way with pen and paper, or use an app - google 'gift organisation app' for some different options.

2. Really think about the person you are buying for.

flowers Chocolate

Flowers vs. chocolate - which do they prefer, if any? (I'm all for the chocolate, just sayin')

What do they like? What don’t they like? Are they worried about their weight at the moment?  Do they have allergies? Do they have pets that may be affected by your gift (some flowers are deadly to cats for example)? Do they have family? Do they need some me time and pampering? Do they prefer tangible items or experiences? Do they like vouchers or do they think this implies no thought has been given?

If it is someone close to you, what do they spend time looking at when you are out shopping together? Have they mentioned something, maybe even in passing, that could help with the perfect gift? Start watching for signs and paying attention to the little things. 

Which all leads to tip number 3.

3. You are not buying for yourself.

I repeat you are not buying for yourself. Tell yourself that every time you reject something because you don’t like it. You do not have to love or even like the gift you are giving. Remember who you are buying for.

This is especially relevant if you are buying from a gift registry, for example, for a wedding present. The couple has put together a list of things that they would like. It really doesn’t matter if you think they have terrible taste and how could they put that in their new house?

wedding gift

4. When you see something buy it.

Shopping bags - buy it now

Don’t wait for the occasion to be here before buying. Don’t put it off thinking you will remember this great idea and buy the item closer to the date it is needed. That never works! You always remember that you had a great idea, but what the heck was that idea?

Buy throughout the year. Again, this can help with budgeting – you can get things during the sales and spread out your spending – and you have gifts ready when the time comes.

If you get super excited by how organised you are and wrap at the time of buying, don’t forget to label it – no matter how great your memory is or how many times you tell yourself you will remember what is in that wrapped package, don’t leave it to chance. You don’t want to have to ruin your great wrapping job to find out what it actually is and who you bought it for.

5. Stock up on the basics.

Wrapping and cards

Get some wrapping paper (though try for alternatives to single use wrapping paper if you can – we have some great tips for wrapping alternatives here), cards, and tape on hand so you don’t have to run around for these at the last minute as well!

Enjoy gifting and most of all enjoy seeing their reaction and just how right you got it. 

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