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6 Simple Gifts that Bring Joy

It is often the small things, the simple things in life that bring the most joy.

So how does this translate to gifting? Think about your recipient – really think about them.

What are their daily routines? Do they have any habits? What do they really enjoy doing? What do they do to relax?

Are they list makers? Do they have a morning tea or coffee every day? Do they enjoy spending time with family? Do they watch TV to relax? Or read a book? Or go for a run? Are they organisers or is organised chaos their thing? 

Then think about gifts that could enhance these things. What will make these experiences a little more enjoyable, comfortable, cosy, relaxing?

Here are 6 simple gifts, handmade and ethically made, we think will bring joy to their recipient. Create Your Own Box full of simple gifts, or check out the links below.

Indigo Bay - 6 Simple Gifts that Bring Joy

  1. Sanctuary Designs Ceramics Pink Mug
  2. Indigo blanket by Seljak Brand. Sustainable, eco-friendly and beautiful. Check out their website for more information on their production processes and their beautiful products. 
  3. Sumavi vintage-style Noosa t-shirt
  4. 'Write down all the stuff' Notebook - Lisa Maj. Check out Lisa Maj's pretty designs on Etsy and her website
  5. Ivy and Wood Mason Jar Candle
  6. Lottie bowl by Mint Handmade. Gorgeous concrete (yes, concrete!) accessories to make organisation a joy. See more beautiful products on their website

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