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Brand Interview - Little Balm

Cindy from Little Balm, a Sydney based skincare brand, inspires me. She is a mum of 2 balancing her family life with her passion for creating simple and natural skincare products. Not only is she running a successful business, but she also developed and introduced a new product range after giving birth to her second child earlier this year.

Your Brand

Tell us about Little Balm 
Little Balm is all about clean, simple and purposeful self care products that are good for our skin and well being. It began while I was pregnant with my first child - I learned about the amount of toxins in our everyday skincare products that get absorbed into our skin and I decided to create my own replacements with natural ingredients for our whole family.

Is your brand your full-time job or a side hustle?
I run Little Balm mainly when the kids are asleep (with a toddler and newborn this makes it a super side gig at the moment!). I love that I can spend my days at home with the little ones, and I hope that Little Balm continues to grow and become as full-time as possible while working from home with the kids.

What is a typical day for you?
A typical day with the young ones is full of joy and chaos. Playdates, lots of imaginative play (and snacks), running errands, catching up with my husband and then Little Balm when the kids are in bed.

Which part of your brand do you enjoy working on the most?
Making all my products by hand, one small batch at a time.

You have 2 children, a toddler and a new baby – how do you balance motherhood with running a business?
At this stage, I'm letting Little Balm grow organically. While it is a passion, I try to remind myself to first love my family and care for myself (this is what LB is about after all!), and soaking up all the moments with the little ones before they are grown up.

Can you tell us what you have in mind for Little Balm in the next 12 months?
Little Balm for the little ones!

Your Everyday Life

What do you enjoy doing (outside of your brand!)?
A stroll by the sea, good coffee, pilates

What are you reading at the moment?
Women & God by Kathleen Nielson

What are you watching at the moment?
I haven't been watching anything lately apart from lots of Peppa Pig with my toddler!

You live in Sydney – what do you do with a free day with no responsibilities?
The coastal walk from Coogee to Bondi, finished with a gelato!

Which do you prefer?

Dogs/cats - Dogs

Camping/staying in a hotel - Staying in a hotel

Home cooking/eating out - Home cooking

Watching a movie/reading a book - Reading a book

Summer/winter - Winter

Waking up early/staying up late - Staying up late

Tea/Coffee  - Coffee (a very tough one!)

Sweet/savoury - Sweet

Breakfast/no breakfast - Breakfast

Online shopping/in store shopping - Online shopping

And finally, we have to ask - what is the best gift you have ever received?

I am fortunate enough to have almost always received gifts that I loved / are useful. The most recent one would be the gift of a "night out" with my husband while our little ones were being minded.


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