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Brand Interview - Renee Waters

I'm so happy local Sunshine Coast brand, Renee Waters, agreed to an interview with us! Renee and her partner Travis have worked hard to build a successful brand making beautiful porcelain jewellery and homewares. Keep reading to find out how it all started, their plans for the future and what they enjoy doing in their spare time!

Your Brand

Renee Waters

Tell us about your brand – what is it about and how did it begin?
Our brand started after we made some rings as a thank you present for our bridal party in 2012. I hadn’t made anything since finishing my degree and I was working full-time.

We posted some images of the rings to social media (just our own friends) and we started receiving orders, this was the first push to start making more products for a wider audience.
The next step was to continue working in the studio on weekends and build up enough of a supply and range of pieces so that we could apply for Design events. Our first big event was Bowerbird Design Market in Adelaide then Melbourne Finders Keepers. From there our brand was contacted by retailers and we have grown the business now, stocking many boutiques across Australia.
Is your brand your full-time job or a side hustle?
We are both full time in this business.

What is a typical day for you?
It does vary a lot as we are often getting ready for our weekly stall at Eumundi Market, replying to retailers and working on ceramic and gold lustre production. It’s pretty busy and we are still finding our routine!

Renee Waters

Which part of your brand do you enjoy working on the most?
Designing new pieces and meeting our customers at the local and interstate markets. Direct feedback on our work is so helpful for our practice.
You run your business with your partner, Travis – how do you handle working together?
Usually we are doing completely different tasks each day. I will run the business side of work, accounting & admin and some production, mainly gold lustre application.
Travis is currently building us a new stand for our Finders Keepers event and works on the porcelain production.
Can you tell us what you have in mind for Renee Waters in the next 12 months?
We are so excited to be building a new production space on our property later this year. Our business has expanded over the years and we need a bigger space to make our range.

We are looking to making more necklace designs to add to our collection.
We aim to grow our stockists list and continue participating in design events across Australia.

Renee Waters Studio

Your Everyday life

What do you enjoy doing (outside of your brand!)?
R- I love exercising, yoga, pilates, swimming and hiking.
T- Playing guitar & surfing
What are you reading at the moment?
R- Rosie Waterland, The Anti- Cool Girl
T- Yuval Noah- Harai, Sapiens
What are you watching at the moment?
An Australian series;
‘The Other Guy’ on Stan
You live on the Sunshine Coast and have a day with no responsibilities to do anything you like. What do you do?
A morning swim at one of the many beautiful beaches and go for a hike to Kondalilla Falls. Then finish the day with a meal at Rice Boi in Mooloolaba.

Renee Waters

Which do you prefer?

Dogs/cats - Cats, I love Burmese cats, they are so affectionate.

Camping/staying in a hotel - Hotel

Home cooking/eating out - Home cooking

Watching a movie/reading a book - Movie

Summer/winter - Summer

Waking up early/staying up late - I love early mornings on the coast.

Tea/Coffee - Coffee! I still love a good peppermint or ginger tea though.

Sweet/savoury - Savoury

Breakfast/no breakfast - Breakfast

Online shopping/in store shopping - I love shopping in store but it’s not always possible. Online shopping wins as it is so convenient 

And finally, we have to ask - what is the best gift you have ever received?

A trip to Perth / Rottnest Island in WA

Box of Sunshine

Renee Waters earrings are in several different Indigo Bay gift boxes including the Box of Sunshine Gift Box. You can also add them to a Create Your Own Gift Box.

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