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Indigo Bay Experiences and 5 Reasons They Are the Perfect Gift

Indigo Bay is about gifting, but you know what? We are also about supporting women. Talented women who are making a living doing what they love. Creators, makers, and designers - brave women putting themselves out there hoping you will love what they do so much you just have to buy from them.

We are also about supporting everyday women. Women like you and me who want to enjoy life, not just exist. Women who want to try something new, to get out and live, and to experience life.

And so, we created our Experiences.

Experiences print

What's so special about our Experiences? We think they are pretty amazing and here's why:

1. They are Memory Makers

We all want beautiful memories. When you look back on your life the things you remember are the special times, the different times, the times you tried something new. With our Experiences, you will create memories that will last and also have a keepsake of that special time.


2. They give you an escape

We all need to get away sometimes. To escape the routine and the every day, to try something you have never done before, to get out of your comfort zone, and to have some me-time. 

3. They give you time

Time to be yourself, to create, to sit, to enjoy, to experience. They allow you to stop for a while and take time back for yourself. 

Hand-Drawn Fashion Illustration Experience 

4. They create connections

Meet the makers, creators, and designers. Talk with them, get their opinions, and their expertise. Find out their story, and the story of your experience. Share your story – why this experience?
Real-life connections give us real-life stories, and these are some of the best stories out there and they can create some of the best memories.

5. They are unique

We think our Experiences are pretty unique. Sure there are other Experience gifts out there, but Indigo Bay Experiences are personal, they were created with women in mind - we wanted to find some things that you would really enjoy - and they support women.

Our Experiences are all sent as Gift Vouchers, so they can be redeemed at any time and are valid for 3 years. But with a gift this special, who'd want to wait that long!!! Get yours today - for a loved one, a colleague, an employee, or for you.

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