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Slow Gifting - Weave and Willow

So, what is slow gifting?

Slow gifting is about making conscious choices about what you are giving to people. Where did your gifts come from? Who made them? How were they made? What are they made from? Will they last?

It is about products that will be loved and used again and again.

It is about reconnecting, mindfulness, and thoughtful gifting.

Weave and Willow put it perfectly "Live simply, consume mindfully, and nurture the world around you."

Meet Weave and Willow

Meet Jess and Michelle, the faces behind Weave and Willow. Jess and Michelle are mums and lovers of the ocean, who believe in living simply and being mindful of our impact on the earth. 

This led to the creation of a range of beautiful, sustainable, high quality linen beach towels and beach accessories (you can check out the beautiful linen towels here!)

Production Processes

Transparency, ethical trade and respect are key to the ethos of Weave and Willow.

Only natural fabrics in neutral colours are used in their designs with no nasty chemical dyes used. Linen was chosen not only for it's quality, durability and because it is such a gorgeous fabric, but also as it is biodegradable.

Their linen is sourced from an old mill in Europe that meets the ethical, social and economic standards set out by the EU. It is then made into towels in Australia by a social enterprise who support the upskilling of immigrants.  


Weave and Willow are a part of a growing number of small Australian businesses who are committed to using no plastic in their business. On top of using no plastic in their packaging they are working to reduce the amount of plastic we use in everyday life.  

All of the decisions they make are focused on reducing the impact their business has - from choosing biodegradable fabric through to eco-friendly and sustainable  production processes.


Jess and Michelle have designed and created a product that is multi-functional. Towel, shawl, wrap, blanket, scarf, the list goes on! Because of this it is perfect for travelling and for mums.

As part of their commitment to using no plastic within their business, the towels come in lovely cloth mesh bags which you can then use over and again as produce bags.


Weave and Willow are creating a link - their brand, our world and their customers. They encourage their customers to pledge to reduce the amount of plastics they use, particularly bags and straws, both of which have created massive issues in our oceans and with our wildlife. 

They are committed to creating a community who are conscious of how and what they consume and encourage them to "...chase adventure and...leave a positive imprint on our Earth."

All images from Maxted Visual @maxtedvisual

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