Reflections, Memories, Things I'd Love to Do

This year at The Bay we talked a lot about routines, adventures, things we'd love to do, books, TV/movies, memories (of course!) and looking back, so I wanted to put something together to help keep all that together for you. 

So here are 16 notepad pages - I did this seasonally because it's not as overwhelming if this is something you don't already do, and it's a good chunk of time to look back and realise how much you've done. If you would prefer to do it monthly, just print out a few extra copies! Easy peasy lemon squeezy 🍋

To print out your copy, just click here or the image below. Each season has four A5 pages (16 pages total) - print double-sided to save on paper, single-sided if you'd like to add your own ideas 😊

The grid pages look super dark, but don't worry, they don't print out that way!

Reflections for summer - a notepad page to write down the things you'd love to do and get done in summer

The serious stuff:
As always, this download is for personal use only. No sharing, selling it on, copying, or modifying the design. Copyright Indigo Bay. Thank you 😊

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