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Maker - Ivy and Wood




Who are you?
Ivy & Wood is run by partners Jess & Brad who make all products by hand in their home workshop

Where are you based?

How did your brand come about?
Jess started out making a small batch of candles in their kitchen and everyone fell in love with them, so she hatched the idea of starting a business. 

Although Brad had been behind the scenes the whole time, Brad officially joined Ivy & Wood in 2018 and is now head of production (AKA chief candlemaker) and Jess focuses on sales, marketing and order fulfilment.

Your products
Embracing simplicity and nature, Ivy & Wood draws inspiration from Australia’s native flora as well as our favourite foods and places. 

All of our candles are hand poured in Brisbane, Australia, using only the best  ingredients:  

  • eco-friendly natural soy wax (no nasties)
  • pure cotton and paper braid wicks
  • high quality fragrance oils
  • pure essential oils 
  • quality glass mason jars (we love the vintage look!)

Our mason jars are reusable as well, so once you're finished simply wash out with hot soapy water and you have a new jar to store things in!  


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