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Maker - Little Balm




Who are you?
Cindy – Founder and Maker of Little Balm.

Little Balm is run by one human being (myself!) - making products, ordering supplies, designing, packing (my toddler being the occasional little helper!) and shipping, customer service, marketing, etc. 

Where are you based?
Sydney NSW

How did your brand come about?
When I was a teenager, I spent lots of money on mainstream skincare products to get very short-lived results that often led to more breakouts on my sensitive skin. I was never aware of the amount of toxins my skin had absorbed from these products until I started learning about these ingredients while pregnant with my first child. I began to create my own replacements with natural ingredients, not just for my little one and myself, but for our whole family and home environment.

My skin has really loved my handmade creations which contained minimal yet real and natural ingredients. I then started sharing them with family and friends who graciously tested my creations on their own skin, gave me constructive feedback and kept coming back for more, and so I decided to have a go at sharing part of my collection with the world in 2017.

And finally…
Clean skincare products can be safe, simple and affordable to everyone. I hope you will enjoy my products as much as I enjoyed creating them.


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