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Maker - Little Finch and Co



Who are you?
I'm Stacey a first-time mum to Chloe and a small Aussie business owner!

Where are you based?
Adelaide, SA

How did your brand come about?
When Chloe entered the world, I faced many challenges through my journey and breastfeeding was one of those major hurdles. My daughter and I had a difficult breastfeeding relationship and I really struggled with feeding in public! I suffered from anxiety around public breastfeeding, this left me isolated at home in a new city without friends or family for support! I designed a nursing scarf that was functional, easy to use and most of all beautiful. These scarves were my saving grace and I wondered if there were other mums out there going through similar situations. This is where Little Finch and CO was born!

Your products
My nursing scarves are made from eco-friendly and sustainable bamboo jersey which is soft and gentle on sensitive skin making it perfect for both mums and babies!


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