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Maker - Renee Waters

Renee Waters



Who are you?
'Renee Waters' is an Australian jewellery brand specialising in porcelain & metallic lustre. 

Where are you based?
Noosa Hinterland 

How did your brand come about?
As a collaborative business and arts practice, the label merges Renee’s background in fine art, silversmithing, and ceramics studies with Travis’ experience as a mould maker and background in textile art, painting, and sculpture. The combination of these diverse skills has seen the label flourish to become a sustainable business focused on making elegant jewellery and homewares for art, fashion, and design nerds to enjoy.  

Your products
Renee Waters’ products focus on colour, form, and patterns, with slip casting porcelain the primary method of creation. This allows Renee and Travis to mix colours together to replicate water and patterns they see in nature, bringing a unique element of inspiration and craftsmanship to their work. The couple also use hand building and slumping techniques, utilising their metalwork skills to design their jewellery findings.  


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