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Maker - The Office of Minor Details




Who are you?
Iain Blanshard - Inventor, Architect, Craftsman.

Where are you based?
Byron Bay, NSW

How did your brand come about?
Food - Water – Shelter

We need these things to survive. Really, isn't everything else a Minor Detail?  

This little thought I had while at the beach one day was the inspiration for what was to become The Office of Minor Details. A design practice I started in 2007 in Auckland, New Zealand, after leaving the world of commercial architecture.  Following a move to Byron Bay in 2012 the mission continues, to craft smaller objects which make ‘a space’ ‘our space’, a personal space, both on and off the body. These are the little things in our lives that we take for granted but that can bring us joy with their timeless beauty and considered functionality, over and over again through our daily interaction with them. 

And finally….
The Office of Minor Details - Because little things matter - I hope you enjoy.  


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