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Maker - The Physic Garden




Who are you?
Charelle - Founder of The Physic Garden

Where are you based?
Melbourne, VIC

How did your brand come about?
I grew up around herbal concoctions thanks to my parents. As a young woman, I lost touch with my roots and found myself pursuing a career which left me stressed-out and unwell. In 2011, I was diagnosed with the thyroid disease, Hashimotos, and my instinct was to turn back to natural medicine to recover my health. I decided to ditch my career and study naturopathy and herbal medicine. It changed everything. 

I discovered a deep passion for herbs and nature, and felt called to help people re-connect to with plants in a practical, enjoyable way. This is how The Physic Garden products came into being; from a flurry of inspiration in January 2016, and by March 2016, they were ready for sale.

And finally….
I am completely honoured to be able to share these beautiful plants with you, and hope you can feel the magic with which they are made when you use them.


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