10 Ways to Exercise for Free - Self-Care Tips

We know we should be doing it (and this is one of our tips in our Memory Makers Self-Care Edition) - for our health, both physical and mental, for strength, to feel better in ourselves, and even for some time out. But so many of us just don't - we find every excuse under the sun not to. 

So we have come up with a list of 10 free ways to exercise - taking away the excuses of "I hate going to the gym" or "I can't afford the gym/classes".

1. Walk

But I hate walking without a purpose I hear you say. I don't have the time. 

It's so simple, yet how many of us get out and walk, using the excuse of lack of time? 

So, leave the car at home if you can and walk instead.

Walk to the supermarket to get the ingredients for dinner.

Meet up with a friend and go for a walk together (and remember that if you are really exercising you should find it difficult to talk!) - reward yourself with a coffee or tea at a cafe at the end of the walk.  

Explore an area you haven't been before. Explore your own area.

Walk on the beach, go to the park, walk the mall if you have to!

2. Hike

Some of us are put off by this one because it just sounds so.....vigorous. But guess what? It's really not. Check online for hikes near you and get out and explore. With hikes you are rewarded by amazing scenery along the way and gorgeous views, so take some photos while you are at it. 

3. Jump rope

Don't put it off by saying you don't have a skipping rope. Use your kids or find any length of rope in the garage and use it.

If you've had kids go to the toilet first - cos we all know what jumping does to mum bladders 😆. Start with 100 jumps and build up by 100 every day. 

4. YouTube

So many possibilities here - yoga, 30 day challenges, fast workouts. Find something that suits you or try a different one every day - great for those of us who are easily bored! 

5. Local Council free exercise sessions

If you live in or near a bigger city the local council will often hold free classes, especially in the summer. Check online for more information about what is offered in your area.

6. Bounce 

Kids got a trampoline? Get on it and jump around - build up the number of jumps you do each day. 

7. Dance

Well, why not? It burns calories too! Turn up your favourite music and get dancing. 

8. Get your bike out of its hiding place

Has your bike been hidden away in the garage or out in the shed that you are NOT going in because of all those spiders? Well, it's time to get over it and get it out of hiding. Grab your helmet and go. Ride to the shops, ride with the kids, find some bike paths and explore. 

9. Sneaky exercise

Park as far from the entrance as possible.

Take the stairs, not the lift or escalator, and take the long way round - no short cuts! 

Stand on your tiptoes when you brush your teeth - raise up onto your tiptoes, hold for 3 seconds, then lower and repeat. 

Go for a walk during your lunch break. You don't have to speed walk, just take a wander around - it's so much better than sitting at your desk all day!

Or what about some fun times in the bedroom with your partner? Yep, I went there. Hey, it all counts 😉

10. Games with friends

We all know exercising with friends is much more fun and a great way to keep motivation up.

Get a group of friends together and play - kids games like tag, sports like soccer or basketball, or try dodgeball, frisbee, or set up races against each other.


Now as for the excuse of "But I don't have time"..... 

Have kids? Exercise with them! 

Work long hours? Use your lunch break.

If your downtime is watching TV, choose an exercise you can do while watching. 

Spread your exercise out over 2 or 3 sessions throughout the day - 10 or 15 minutes at a time. 

Get up a little earlier - even 15 minutes will help. 

This one is completely up to you. You are the only one who can make the decision to take the time to look after yourself. 

Get your set of Memory Makers Self-Care Edition here and start taking some time for you. 

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