At The Bay (as I like to call it 😊) I love to sit out on the veranda in the most comfortable rocking chair ever (white rattan and blue cushions with just the right puffiness), listen to the waves lap against the shore with a hot coffee and some delicious cookies.** There are always fresh-baked cookies here at The Bay (favourite cookie, just FYI, snickerdoodles, followed by cornflake cookies – definitely with sultanas)!

Indigo Bay owner Marnie at the beach

I’m Marnie and I started Indigo Bay just after my second daughter was born. I’m a big stationery nerd at heart - cos pretty paper, pens in rainbow colours, and all that other stationery goodness are my happy place.

Indigo Bay as it is today began in 2019 because I found that I really wanted to create my own products and share the things I love so much – connecting and creating memories with loved ones, exploring together, experiencing life, and learning to enjoy every moment as much as possible (yep, this is still a work in progress #mumlife). Having a record of all our moments is something that I think is so important - even the boring bits like what the weather was like!

Indigo Bay’s first product was the Family Edition of Memory Makers. It took nearly a year for the first set of Memory Makers to be released (which was actually the Self-Care Edition, but that’s a story for another time), and another 8 editions have been released since (with so many more running around in my head, just waiting to get put down on pretty paper)!

Along the way I have met some amazing women who have inspired and motivated me – you can read some of their stories on the blog in the Inspiring Women Series, and learned some lessons (again, some of these are still very much a work in progress #stubbornashell) that have become the basis of my Memory Makers.

My card sets, notepads, and jewellery have all been created by me with a whole sh*t ton of love (🙊 #sorrynotsorry - I got a little sweary after the birth of my first daughter 😂). They are all small batch, created here in Australia, imperfectly perfect, and I know you will love them just as much as I do!

I am crazy lucky to call the hills of Noosa home, where I live with my husband and girls, along with our dog and cats.