5 Ways to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

What is your comfort zone? 

It's that space where you feel safe, secure, and in control. You know the answers, you aren't challenged, and you are in a routine that you feel, well, comfortable with.

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Why would you want to go out of your comfort zone? 

To challenge yourself, to grow, to make changes in your life. For some excitement, to make memories, and to enjoy life as much as you can. You don't want to look back and wish that you had done more, experienced more, and think of all the things you missed out on.

So what can you do to get out of that zone? 

1. First figure out what your comfort zone is and what is outside it.

Where are you at now - what feels comfortable, what is your routine, how do you make decisions?

Then think of those things that give you squirmy feelings in your tummy (not the good squirmy!), think about the things you are saying no to, the excuses you are making to not do something - is it because it really won't be good for you or because they are making you feel uncomfortable, pushing you a little further than you want to be pushed? Make a list of those uncomfortable things.

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 2. Take baby steps.

I had a custom order for a Morse Code bracelet for Baby Steps and I love it! It is a perfect reminder that change comes step by step, and they don't have to be massive steps. You just have to take that first baby step.


3. Try new things.

This helps you get used to change and new things. Again, it doesn't have to be anything big, but introduce one different thing a day or one every week. It could be eating something different for breakfast, catching the bus instead of driving, trying a new class, or, wait for it, starting a conversation with someone you've never spoken to before.

Try something new - drawing of woman doing yoga

4. Say yes, even when you really want to say no.

I hate being in big groups of people I don't know. Hate it. I feel awkward, I don't like approaching people, the silliest things come out of my mouth when I speak. So I mostly avoid any situation where I need to be in big groups. 

So when a friend said she had signed up for a networking group and thought it would be good for me to, I just let it go. Then she said she was going to a breakfast and sent the details through. And I finally said yes. And I went to the breakfast and I was uncomfortable, but it was also a good first step to getting out there.

Drawing of a group of people talking

5. Give up some control

And let other people make decisions for you. This is a kind of forced change where you may end up doing things very differently to how you usually would.

Start safe with things at home or with friends. In cases where you are usually the decision-maker, give that control to your partner or friend and see where the path leads you. 

And if you would like some help with moving out of your comfort zone, the Memory Makers Self-Care Edition can help you take gentle steps towards change. 

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