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Dream big Morse code beaded bracelet on light blue cord on a white card with blue text
Cord colour including pink, light blue, blue, beige, light green, olive, and black
6 beaded and charm bracelets on a woman's wrist
6 beaded and charm bracelets on a woman's wrist including a black butterfly, black heart, gold dragonfly and rainbow.

Dream Big Morse Code Bracelet

Tie on bracelet
Cord: approximately 1mm in your choice of colour (see photo)
Beads 3mm stainless steel and brass beads

Wear a permanent reminder on your wrist -

🌸 a reminder to follow your dreams.

🌸 a reminder to work towards your dream every day.

🌸 a gift for a loved one to remind them that their dreams are important and not to give up on them.

Our bracelets have meaning, but you choose what they mean to you.

Made to tie on and leave on until they fall off, the brass beads may become a darker matte gold colour depending on skin type, perfumes, lotions, and how often you go in chlorinated or saltwater.