10 Things to Do with Mum this Mother's Day

With Mother's Day fast approaching, it's the perfect time to shower your Mum (or the special mum figure in your life) with love and gratitude for all she's done.

Instead of the usual flowers-and-card routine, why not shake things up and spend some quality time together doing something she loves?

We have ten awesome ideas to make this Mother's Day extra special and make memories together that will last a lifetime.

1. High Tea


A tiered cake stand with high tea treats
Picture this: delicate china, a tantalizing array of finger sandwiches, freshly baked scones with clotted cream and jam, and an assortment of delicious pastries—all served with a steaming pot of your favourite tea (plus a glass of bubbles!). It's a special treat definitely worth dressing up for and gives you time together to chat, reminisce, and enjoy being in each other's company. 

2. Games Night


Scrabble board with letter tiles scattered
Get into your PJs, get your favourite snacks together, pull out all your favourite board games and have a games night! 

3. Photo Albums


Old photos and albums on a lace tablecloth
Dust off those nostalgic treasures and take a trip down memory lane, immersing yourselves in the stories behind each photo. Laugh at the hairstyles, reminisce about family holidays, and marvel at how much has changed over the years.

4. Take photos together

Make sure to take some new photos to print out and add to those photo albums and have beautiful reminders of the times you spend together.  

5. Go to the Theatre


Black and white photo with the word theatre
From musicals to comedies, the ballet, opera, or a drama, find something your mum will love and surprise her with tickets. Feel the excitement build as you take your seats, the lights dim, and the curtain rises. Grab a glass of wine after to dissect the show and extend your time together. 

6. Shopping trip


Whether it's antiquing, op shopping, an artisan market, a farmer's market, or the local mall, take your mum out for a day of shopping. Stop at local cafes along the way and keep up your energy with coffee and treats and a delicious lunch together. 

7. Plant a garden together


Spend a day planting a garden together - pick out your favourite flowers and herbs, plan what you'd like and where it's going to go, then head to the nursery to pick up the plants. Get your hands dirty creating something beautiful together and when your garden grows you'll be reminded of this time together. 

8. Go on a picnic


A special picnic

Grab a blanket, choose all your favourite foods and some fresh lemonade, iced tea or juice, and head to a picnic spot you enjoyed going to when you were growing up, or to a new place for a new experience together. Enjoy a lazy afternoon together chatting, eating, and watching the world go by.

9. Movie Night


Popcorn scattered around a sign that says 'movie night'
Get into your PJs, get your favourite snacks and drinks and choose your favourites or watch the latest releases.

10. Make a cookbook



Gather your favourite recipes, whether they're passed down through generations or new discoveries from your own kitchen adventures. From Grandma's secret lasagne recipe to Mum's famous chocolate chip cookies, choose the dishes that hold a special place in your family's story, and write them down - having them in your mum's handwriting makes them that much more special. 
I hope this has inspired you to spend time together with your mum this Mother's Day. I'd love to hear all about your plans - leave a comment below 💙


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