8 Podcasts for Kids

Looking to keep the kiddos entertained, their imaginations buzzing, and best of all keep their attention for more than 10 minutes at a time without them sitting in front of the TV?

Welcome to the amazing world of podcasts! Not just for adults, there is a seemingly endless supply of content perfect for the little ones too.

Whether you want them to tidy their rooms with minimal complaining, you're stuck in traffic, on a road trip, or just looking for a fun way to unwind, podcasts offer escape,  adventure, and learning that'll captivate and inspire. 

Here are 8 of our favourites!

1. Imagine This - ABC Kids Listen

Answering questions about science - the world around us and our bodies - in a way that is so easy to understand, this one even holds my attention! With topics ranging from how rainbows are made, to why the earth is round, and why mosquito bites are itchy, the kids love listening and learn so much from this.

2. Dino Dome - ABC Kids Listen

Dino Dome - ABC Kids Listen Podcast

This podcast even holds the attention of my youngest who isn't all that interested in dinosaurs. This one is a race between 2 different dinosaurs in the Dino Dome - a landscape that changes with each race. The hosts have a running commentary on the race which includes facts about the dinosaurs in the race. It's learning without seeming like learning!

3. Fierce Girls - ABC Listen

Fierce Girls - ABC Listen Podcast

Another one from ABC Listen - my girls love listening to the stories of adventurous, courageous, and fierce Australian girls and women. From athletes, scientists, they are stories of everyday girls who made a difference.

4. Detective Dexter

Short episodes about a French Bulldog (complete with a French accent) who works as a detective during the day, solving the cases the neighbourhood dogs bring to him.

5. The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian

The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian Podcast

A science fiction serialised story about Finn and his friends exploring space and the adventures they have. My youngest would never choose this one, but enjoys listening once it starts.

6. Everything Under the Sun

Everything Under the Sun Podcast

The host answers 2 or 3 questions each episode that have been sent in by kids. Questions cover just about any topic out there, including what colour blood do jellyfish have, how are books published, and why do rhinos have horns? and time spent on each question is quite short. 

7. Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls

Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls Podcast

An American version of Fierce Girls, telling the stories of everyday women around the world who have achieved amazing things, had crazy adventures, and become leaders in their fields. 

8. Audiobooks from your local library

A girl lying down wearing pink headphones

You're right, not a podcast, but such a great free resource, that I had to include it. Public libraries have come a long way and have an amazing range of books available. And if they have a device and get tired of listening you can borrow ebooks and magazines!

I hope you enjoy these podcasts and I'd love to hear all about your kid's favourites - leave a comment below with your recommendations!

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