11 Things to Love about Autumn

As the sweltering summer starts to fade, we can finally feel that Autumn is almost here. It's nearly time to trade in the flip flops for sneakers and boots! And with the changing season comes a whole list of things to look forward to! 

1. Hot coffee. 

I love iced lattes, but for some reason they don't give me that same feeling as sitting down with a nice hot cup of coffee. I'm looking forward to cool mornings, wrapping my hands around a nice hot cup and sipping on that first coffee of the day.

2. Beautiful sunsets. 

In summer, the last thing I want is to look at the sun. It also starts to get dark a lot earlier, making those sunsets easier to watch.

3. Cooler weather.

Oh yes please! Say goodbye to temperatures over 30 and oppressive humidity, and hello to cool breezes, and comfortable weather.

4. Beach Walks

The cooler weather makes beach walks so, so nice! The sand between your toes, the wind in your hair, the sun gentle on your face. Bliss. 

5. Mandarins

Tis the season! Peel back the skin and enjoy every juicy bite. 
Hello Autumn - 11 things to love about autumn

6. Easter Eggs

With autumn comes Easter - I hope the Easter bunny is generous!

7. The changing leaves

You don't see too many trees with changing leaves here in Noosa, so when we do get a chance to see them again it is pretty special. The colours are just amazing. 

8 & 9. Cardigans and jeans

It's time to swap out your summer attire for cosy cardigans and your favourite denim. There's something so comforting about snuggling into soft fabrics that just wrap around you. 

10. Good books.

Always! No matter the season, good books are a must. What's on your list for autumn?

11. Freesias. 

That smell! It is just divine, and they are so pretty in their rainbow of colours. They almost make me want to get into gardening... almost!
So what's on your list of things to look forward to in autumn? I'd love to hear from you - just drop a comment 🍂

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