15 Summer Essentials

Summer is officially here, so we've put together a list (with a pretty postcard to go with it of course!) of 15 things we'd love to have this summer.
Hello Summer postcard with illustrations of things I'd love to have this summer
1. Iced lattes
The perfect way to enjoy coffee on hot summer days. I am not fancy. I don't need super flash coffee for my iced lattes. I love Moccona Hazelnut Swirl coffee, so I put a teaspoon in a mug and add just enough boiling water to dissolve the coffee. I add that to a big glass of milk and ice, give it a stir and enjoy every little bit.
2. Swimmers
I haven't bought swimmers for a long time. Like maybe 15 years 🫢 So it's time to get a new pair. Any recommendations?
3. Towel
I love Sumavi's beach towels. Gorgeous designs, sand-free, and can be used as scarves, rugs, blankets, etc.
4. A headband
Keeps my hair off my face and makes it look like I have made some sort of effort with my hair 😆 I love Twista Sista headbands - they are so super comfortable and don't dig in at all.
5. Sunglasses
I don't have a pair, but I love the look of Archer Eyewear sunglasses - a small Australian business based in Canberra with an amazing ethos.  
6. Cherries
Summer ain't summer without cherries. I would happily eat them all day every day.
7. A pretty notepad
Indigo Bay of course 😉
8. Pens
Pretty notepads need pretty pens. I love colourful ones - pinks, purples, greens, aqua. Stationery heaven. 
9. Ice cream
Every trip to the beach needs ice cream. What's your favourite flavour? 
10. Good books
So many books to choose from. Check out our previous book blog posts here and here and stayed tuned for more!
11. Cute dresses
I love flowy and floral. I don't love the ironing, but I guess we can't have it all!
12. A camera
Really just a phone, but an actual camera looks so much cuter on the postcard 😆 Remember to take photos to capture all of those precious moments. They may not seem like it at the time, but those memories are so very special.
13. A tote bag
All those summer essentials have to go somewhere!
14. Sunscreen
I hate sunscreen. It smells bad, feels so sticky, and I always get it in my eyes. But... then I discovered Ritual Wellbeing's Sun Balm. Game. Changer. It smells good, works well on myself and my kids, and does not get in my eyes!
15. And of course, a big floppy hat.

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