9 Tips to Overcome Burnout

This year I am finding it really hard to get back into things. I don’t feel like working, everything is dragging me down, the list is getting too long. The idea of making a list isn’t even making me happy - and I love making lists.

I had some ideas for new products, but then self-doubt set in and I told myself they were terrible ideas and who the heck would want to buy it?
Everything is feeling too hard. The guilt sets in, the self-doubt grows, nothing feels good. 

Not great when the reasons for doing this are love, lifestyle, to build something amazing, and with aims that require financial growth.

So I sat down and wrote a list of things that have helped me through - hopefully they can help you too if you are ever feeling low, unmotivated, apathetic, or burnt out. 

1. Move

Get outside and walk, run, ride your bike, roller skate!

When you get your body moving ideas often start to flow, problems don't seem as big, and solutions present themselves.

While you are thinking, try and figure out why you are feeling this way and what you can do to make some changes. 


2. Change your view

If what you are looking at is contributing to the negative feelings, change what you are looking at!

Sit outside, go to a park, go to the library, sit by the river. Whatever you can do to change the space you are in.

If you need to be at home, go to a different room, or go outside. If you are in a work place, grab a tea or coffee, go for a quick walk around the building, stand up and stretch.  

Noosa Main Beach

3. Motivate yourself

Usually if I don't feel like working, I can sit down and get lost in creating a set of Memory Makers. That didn't work this time.

So instead I checked out pretty pictures online and I researched new products - the ones that are at dream stage. Dreaming of what I would like to bring to Indigo Bay helped start to turn things around.

4. Don’t watch the news. Don’t read the news.

The news is seriously doom and gloom. And most of it isn't even news. They are horrible stories about peoples' lives tragically changing. Not something you need when you aren't feeling great about things in your life. Give it a miss.

Instead read happy news, listen to podcasts on topics that interest you, read a good book, watch a TV series, watch your favourite movies, or go radio silent and just be.  

Watch Dirty Dancing | Movies | HBO Max

A fun classic that requires no thinking!

5. Just f💙cking do it

Because sometimes you just have to.

And sometimes this helps.

You may find that when you sit down and start to do what you have been putting off, everything finally starts to flow again. 

Make the decisions that need to be made and get it done. Sometimes it is the things you are putting off that keep you feeling like everything is just too much to deal with. 

6. Take yourself out of situations that bring you down

Whether it is situations in your personal life or work life, try and take yourself out of anything that doesn't make you feel good. It could be social media or negative people at work. It could be taking on too much because you can't say no or are worried about the consequences of saying no. 

7. Write it down

Get all of those thoughts and feelings out of your head and start to make sense of everything.

Journal and coffee

8. Take a break. And don’t feel guilty for taking a break

Schedule time for yourself. Make the plan, and make sure you take that time. And don't take your work with you. You are feeling burnt out for a reason, you need to give yourself time and space. 

If you can't take a break from work, make sure you get out of your workplace at lunch time. As in leave the building. 

9. Meet up with friends

And talk about it. They may have been in the same situation, at the very least they will listen and support you. 

Friends drinking coffee

If you need everyday help with motivation with a little bit of an edge, Memory Makers Sweary Self-Love and Today I Choose Editions will give you that extra push you need 💙 Great to keep in your planner, put on your desk or bedside table, or put them up all over your space, so there is always a reminder there for you. 

And if you need more help, please ask for it, whether it is from a loved one or a professional 💙

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  • Thanks Marnie for sharing this on your blog. So many important things to remind yourself of.
    I’m pleased you are feeling better & ready to go!

    Melissa on

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