5 TV Series & Movies to Watch

How do you relax? How do you take time out for yourself?

If you've read some of my other posts or follow along on social media (links right at the bottom of the page if you would like to!) you'll know that I love to read.

I also love to.... 😲.... watch TV (are you supposed to admit that if you love books? πŸ˜†) So of course, when putting together the Memory Makers Self-Care Edition watching TV made an appearance.

Memory Makers Self-Care Edition Relax Card

So here are 5 TV series and movies that I've watched and enjoyed lately - and I watch purely to enjoy. I don't analyse. I don't care if it's historically accurate (or inaccurate). I don't care about the politics of any of it. It is escapism. That's it. Unless it's a documentary. But I'll save that for another time 😊 

Have you seen any of them? What have you watched recently that got you hooked? I'd love your recommendations - just comment below πŸ˜ŠπŸ’™

1. The White Lotus - Seasons 1 and 2

The White Lotus is a resort chain and season 1 follows the employees and guests of the Hawaii resort. Season 2 is set in Sicily. Both seasons start with a dead body and then go back in time to tell the story.Β 

The White Lotus

2. Bridgerton - Seasons 1 and 2

Historical romance novels brought to life. Pure escapism.Β 


3. The Haunting of Hill House

I hate horror. Hate it. Will not watch it.

But.... this is described as a supernatural horror and I watched it.

And I enjoyed it.

Maybe because I wasn't wholly focused on it - I watched it while making a whole lot of Morse Code bracelets, so was sometimes distracted πŸ˜†

The Haunting of Hill House

4. Knives Out & Glass Onion

Murder mysteries with Daniel Craig in the lead as a detective. What more do you need to know?Β 

Knives Out

5. Dark

It's been a while, but I really enjoyed season one of this one. It's a German series, make sure you watch it with subtitles because the dubbing is awful!. Seasons 2 and 3 weren't as good as season 1, but you have to watch it all so you know what it's all about.Β 

TV series Dark


6. The Great British Bake Off

Yep, 6, not 5. Just a little bonus.

Bake Off is just so nice. There is no bitchiness, there are no characters created for more drama, it's just regular people baking on TV. Very relaxing and doesn't require your full attention, so if you drift off a little, you can pick it all up no problem.Β 

The Great British Bake Off

OK. That's it. Don't forget your recommendations below!

And if you need some inspiration to take time out you can find the Memory Makers Self-Care Edition here 😊

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