Inspiring Women Revisited - Liz Harlin

I met Liz 4 years ago at a workshop. We chatted and made arrangements to meet up for coffee and I am lucky to now call this super inspiring woman a friend. Those coffee dates have continued and it has been so special to watch Liz's business grow and see the amazing work she does. 

This is Liz's second interview with Indigo Bay - our first was three and a half years ago, so I thought it would be fun to have a catch up to see where the women from this series are now. 

Her work is so special and aligns so well with what I do here at Indigo Bay - it's all about having an amazing experience, connecting, strengthening bonds, and creating memories. 

If you haven't seen Liz's first interview, or it has been a while, stop right here! Click here to have a read, then come back to see what has been happening in her world.

It has been a while! Is Liz Harlin Photographic still your business?

It sure is, and it's now my sole focus, as I sold my share of another business in mid-2021.

Remind us what Liz Harlin Photographic is all about.

As an underwater portrait photographer, my focus is on creating truly magical and unforgettable experiences for my clients. When you visit my private pool studio, you’re not just coming for a regular photo session, you’re diving into a dreamlike world of beauty, creativity and emotion.

Underwater portrait of mother and daughter | Liz Harlin

From the moment you step through the door, my aim is to make you feel special and pampered. I offer an on-site makeup artist and an extensive wardrobe of beautiful dresses to wear in the water.

Once we're in the pool, you’ll experience weightlessness and freedom, allowing your emotions and connections to shine through in an ethereal and otherworldly way. It’s not about capturing memories, but more about creating them; it’s about doing something completely new in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

The portrait journey continues beyond the photoshoot day. You’ll return to the studio to view all the images, select your favorites, and design custom artworks. These finished pieces aren’t just photos; they’re true works of art that celebrate your personal style and tell your individual story.

Underwater Portrait - mother and son | Liz Harlin

I’m incredibly passionate about what I do, and I feel fortunate to create unforgettable memories and artworks for my amazing clients. They often tell me that their portrait journey with me is an experience like no other, and it becomes a memory-making day they’ll always remember. The finished artworks serve as daily reminders of their unforgettable adventure.

How has your business grown and/or changed in the past 3 ½ years?

When I started my business, my clients were primarily women who came to the studio on their own. However, over the past 2-3 years I've noticed a growing trend: more and more of my clients are bringing their loved ones to join them in the water during their photoshoots.

Underwater Portrait - 2 women | Liz Harlin

This shift has made the in-water experiences even more meaningful. I've had the pleasure of capturing fun family portraits, sisters and besties enjoying a girls day out, and couples sharing tender moments—all while surrounded by the serene underwater environment.

The inclusion of loved ones creates a new dimension to the photoshoot, adding depth and emotion to the already creative and ethereal images. It's a wonderful experience to witness and celebrate these bonding moments.

Underwater Portrait - couple | Liz Harlin

I'm always delighted when my clients choose to share this experience with their treasured ones, and it's a testament to the power of photography in bringing people closer together.

Underwater Portrait - 3 sisters | Liz Harlin

What have been some of the low points over the last 3 ½ years?

You know, there was one thing that really broke my heart as a photographer during the lockdowns and travel restrictions of 2020-21: I couldn't do underwater maternity shoots for several interstate women who were so excited to capture this significant moment in their lives. It was so sad and frustrating for all those women who missed out on a very special experience.

Underwater maternity portrait | Liz Harlin

What have been some of the high points?

In recent years, I've had some truly amazing moments in my business that I'm quite proud of. I've won a few national and international awards, and received some wonderful press coverage. But the absolute best part of my job is building a client base who have enjoyed such an incredible experience that they recommend me to others.

It's incredibly rewarding to see the joy on my clients' faces as they leave my studio, thrilled with the beautiful, one-of-a-kind portraits we've created together. And it means the world to me when they share their experience with their friends and family, helping me to build my business in such a positive and supportive way.

I feel incredibly grateful for all of these high points, and I'm excited to see what the future holds. With every photoshoot, I'm reminded of the beauty of human connection, and I'm honored to be able to create those moments in a way that my clients will remember for years to come.

Underwater portrait of 2 boys | Liz Harlin

What is your favourite part of your business – what do you most enjoy doing?

There are so many parts of my business that I absolutely love, but one of my favourites is the transformation that happens during a photoshoot. When a client arrives at my studio feeling nervous or unsure, it's always a thrill to see them relax and come alive once we get in the water.

It's amazing how quickly everyone forgets about the outside world and becomes fully present in the moment. And when I show them the images on the back of my camera, it's always incredible to see their faces light up with amazement and joy. They can't believe it's really them, looking so confident and beautiful.

Another favorite part of my job is when clients come back to the studio to review all the images on the big screen. It's incredibly rewarding to see their reactions as they relive the special day we shared together. Sometimes there are tears of emotion, which is a powerful reminder of the connection and meaning behind what I do.

All in all, I feel so lucky to be able to create these incredible moments for my clients and deliver portraits that they will treasure for a lifetime.

What’s your favourite way to relax and take a break from it all?

I absolutely love getting out into nature, it's such a wonderful way to unwind and recharge. A walk or a picnic with a good friend is ideal, and I try to leave my phone behind! We'll have some great conversation while enjoying the beautiful scenery around us.


Check out Liz's work or book in for your own mermaid experience below.

All images by Liz Harlin Photographic.

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