Morse Code Bracelets

What is Morse Code

Morse code is a form of communication developed in the 1800s which made keeping in touch and communicating much faster - previously the only way to get messages to people was hand-written letters delivered on horseback. 

Most famously, Morse Code was used during the war to communicate.

Today Morse Code is no longer used as it once was, but is being used as a base form of communication for people with severe disabilities. 

A worker at the Central Telegraph Office of the post office in London using Morse Code in 1932, which was soon replaced by teletype machines.

Image from The New York Times 

Why make Morse code bracelets?

Sometimes we need a constant reminder, something we can see whenever we choose to. But we don't want everyone to see what that message is. This was a great way to do this - it combines a pretty bracelet, with whatever message you need. 

And for me, making them is calming, relaxing, and makes me happy. I also love to see what words people choose for their custom bracelets!

Breathe Morse Code and Charm Beaded Bracelet with lotus charm on black cord on woman's wrist


Why would I want one?

  1. They are pretty
  2. They are easy to wear - you just tie it on and leave it until it falls off. 
  3. It has your reminder on it. It is a bracelet just for you, with exactly what you need right now. When it falls off, you are ready for a new message!
  4. Did I mention that they are pretty? They look great on their own, or stacked.

Morse Code and Charm Beaded Bracelet - Love You to Infinity on light blue cord woman holding a child's hand

What are they made from?

Indigo Bay Morse Code bracelets are made using silk cord and stainless steel and brass beads.

For a long time we used plated beads, but for some people the plating wears too quickly, so we started looking for other options. 

We thought about using gold-filled and sterling silver, but decided against this as the cost of the filled beads was too high for this type of jewellery. (If this is an option you are interested in, a new design may come along sometime in the future!)

And so we chose stainless steel and brass. They are strong and durable; stainless steel doesn't tarnish; and they don't lose their colour. 

Your brass beads may be shiny to start with, looking like gold, or they may be a dark gold colour. If yours are shiny, please note that after a few days of wearing your bracelet, the beads will develop an aged patina and be a darker matte gold colour. 

Get your Morse Code bracelet here! And if you would like a custom bracelet - a choose your own word version, just click here.

Morse Code and Charm Beaded Bracelet - Strong AF with black boho butterfly charm

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