Our Jewellery

What do we make?

We make message jewellery that has meaning to you. They are reminders of loved ones here and gone, of your goals in life, of who you are. They have messages to motivate, inspire, and empower. 

Our range includes Morse Code bracelets, charm bracelets, hand-stamped necklaces and bracelets, and gemstone hand-stamped charm bracelets (coming soon!). 


How did it all begin?

I started making jewellery back in 2009. I remember telling some friends that what I really wanted to do was hand-stamped jewellery, but it wasn't as accessible back then, I was working full-time, and I thought it was beyond me. 

After bringing out our Memory Makers Sweary Self-Love Edition I wanted another way to get those messages out. Some of them I could do on our Morse Code bracelets, but for some the message was too long, so I thought about how I could do it and came back to hand-stamping. 

I bought some tools, gave it a try, and loved it! And so it has become a part of our Indigo Bay range of products. 

I began making Morse Code Bracelets before my first daughter was born. I couldn't find a bracelet that I liked, so started making my own. After much experimenting and trial and error, we now have a core range of bracelets and we also love making custom bracelets.

You can read more about our Morse Code bracelets here.

What materials do we use?

Most of our jewellery is made of stainless steel. We chose this for a few different reasons

1. It doesn't tarnish.

2. It is strong and durable.

3. It lasts a long time.

4. Very few people react to it.

5. It is 100% recyclable. 

All of these factors make it great for everyday wear, which is what our jewellery is made for.

We use brass in our Morse Code bracelets as it doesn't lose it's colour like gold-plated beads do with everyday wear. 

And some of our charms, tags, and chains are gold-plated brass. 

Each of our product listings clearly details what everything is made of. 

Who is it for?

Our jewellery is for women of all ages, in all stages of life. It is for anyone who needs a reminder that they are special, loved, amazing. 

We absolutely love custom orders, so if there is something you would love and you don't see it on our website, please email so we can have a chat!

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