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100 Days of 3 Things - Sun & Moon

100 Days of 3 Things - Sun & Moon

Available for preorder - arriving early December 2021.

Our 100 Days of 3 Things Notepad - Sun and Moon is a gentle way to start journalling.

Use it as a

  • gratitude journal
  • a to-do list with the top 3 things you need to get done today
  • 3 things that happened to you today and how they affected you or what you can do to improve the situation
  • 3 things you would like to think or learn more about
  • 3 ideas you had
  • 3 of your favourite quotes.

Each day can be used for the same thing or each day can be different. 

*This item is on preorder and will be sent when stock arrives. Expected arrival is early December*