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8 Things that Make Me Happy

What makes you happy? What makes you smile and laugh? What makes you feel content and that life is good?

There are the big things like family, friends, love, but what about the little things? The everyday things? The things we take for granted?

Sometimes it can be good to just stop and realise that sometimes it doesn't take a lot to make us happy. Think about all the good things we have in life and focus on those, especially when things are getting us down. 

And if you need a little help getting there, a little inspiration and motivation, our Memory Makers Sweary Self-Love Edition are a big help!

1. Almond Croissants

They are just so delicious and are perfect with coffee! For me, this is the perfect morning routine - a cosy cafe, a good coffee and a buttery pastry.

2. Beautiful books

Don't you just love opening books? The stories, the images, the knowledge. So much joy just from turning some pages.

3. Road trips

Adventure, exploring, finding places off the beaten track. Discovering good op shops, great cafes and beautiful scenery. No plans, nowhere you have to be, just going wherever you feel like going.

4. Pizza

Yum. Just yum. 

5. A good TV show

Getting engrossed in a good story, wanting to watch more, binge-watching a tv series. The ultimate in relaxation!

6. Creating

I love making, designing, new ideas - it is exciting and fills me with energy. 

7. Museums and Galleries

So many amazing things to see, so much to learn and wonder at. We are so lucky today with all of our technology, yet the wonders that have been created throughout history are just awe-inspiring. 

8. Eating outside

Going on a picnic or just sitting in the backyard, eating outside has a feeling of freedom, of being on holiday, relaxation and enjoyment. 

So as you are going about your day, when something brings a smile to your face or when you are feeling content, take a minute to think what has given you that feeling and remember that all of these small things add up. 

I would love to know in the comments some small things that make you happy!

For inspiration on activities that will help you take time out and be a happier version of you check out our Memory Makers Self-Care Edition.


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